No Guts all Glory!

Gastroschisis / NEC / Short Bowel Syndrome / Omegaven


The hardest part about all of this was that we needed more help in more areas of our life than ever before.  This is a list of places to start looking for help if your child is hospitalized for any serious illness. I have listed mostly nationwide organizations so that this list will be most useful.

Help with housekeeping:

Help getting your sick child to a hospital far away :

Help with urgent expenses to allow single parents to stay at their child's bedside during catastrophic illness:

Help with somewhere to stay: (Ronald McDonald House) (for children’s hospital Boston)

Help paying for housing when you are seeking medical treatment for your child out of your local area:

Help paying for some expenses:

Supplemental security income for the child.

NOTE: If you apply for SSI and get approved you are automatically eligible for medicaid in most states.  You will have to apply for it your local social services department.  If you have medicaid then you are automatically approved for WIC so that helps with food.

Additional help with food: (no income restrictions)

Help with unpaid medical bills/expenses:

Help with peace:

Free professional photos of your child:

Support for dads with a special needs child:

Getting a wish granted:

A birthday cake for your child

Emotional support for Gastroschisis families

Finding Help!